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The iGaming industry is growing at a pace that was deemed impossible a few years ago. The growth is in the ranks of billions each year. By 2020, the iGaming sector is predicted to be valued at around $60 billion.

The business is extremely fast, highly innovative and constantly striving to discover new and better ways to meet user demands and, ultimately, reach huge profits.

That is why parallel to the development of the overall iGaming sector, the mobile iGaming industry is growing at an equally impressive rhythm.

To bring you all the latest info and content on this branch of the online gambling world, Rumblex was created.

Here is an overview of the themes we will analyze in the short term.

The new mobile iGaming experience

Even if many people still think so, gambling on mobile devices is completely different from betting on web browsers. How have the players and the iGaming companies adjusted to the ever-growing market of mobile gambling? How is it that mobile devices require a brand-new gambling atmosphere for users? We will talk about this and more.

The benefits of mobile iGaming

Nowadays, whether gamblers and operators see advantages in mobile gambling or not, the truth is that it is the new preferred way of betting online. And it presents lots of benefits to players and companies alike. Rumblex will bring you the top 4 benefits of the new iGaming environment, which is powered by cutting-edge technology.

The best iGaming mobile apps

After you browse through our blog, you will likely come to the conclusion that moving from the browsers to the apps is probably a great idea for you. An idea that fulfills more efficiently all your gaming demands. But you need to know what are the best options in the market for you to do so.

That is why Rumblex will provide you with a list of the absolute top mobile gambling apps around.

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